How I’m handling fear on a daily basis

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I’ve actually never felt fear like this….

Yesterday, I hosted a workshop with 14 amazing women who had travelled to my gorgeous local pub, The Royal Oak, Leighterton. It was a day of mindset, goals and a self belief injection. The ladies had travelled from Norfolk, North Yorkshire and Wales, some making a one way journey of 5 hours to join the day.

I love these in person days, as I truly adore the connection and conversation. It’s the sort of conversation that just doesn’t always occur on Zoom.

During our conversation yesterday, one of the ladies shared that she struggles with imposter syndrome and fear.

This has been a common feeling for me over the past few months.

Writing a book

Since the summer of 2020, I have been working on a book, Magnificent Mindset: How to start your day the BEST way (my surname has been Best for nearly 5yrs, in case you didn’t know!) 

It hasn’t really seemed real, until the past few months, when the launch date was looming, the Amazon author listing was being created and I was working with my publisher and designer to bring this piece together.

Yesterday, I shared the fear that pops up most days.

Putting a book out to the world feels like so much more than just creating a social post or writing a blog.

Truth be told, I’m terrified that someone will hate what I’ve created. That they won’t agree with what I share. That I’ll be called out. Or told that the research I shared isn’t correct.

The fact that faceless people can review what I’ve put two and a half years into, the mindset journey I’ve been on for four and a half years, my life journey of nearing 34 years and my journey in business for seven and a half years.

The truth is, I’ve never felt more fear for putting something out into the world.

Handling the fear

Yet, I know I can handle the fear. With the mindset tools and techniques I have, I know I can bring myself back to belief. 

I can literally feel the fear bubbling while sat here typing this, on a Friday night, with a glass of fizz.

Fear, imposter syndrome, self doubt, feeling fucking terrified, wanting to hide….

They’re all normal. To me, it’s the absolute evidence that I am pushing myself in the best way. I know for an absolute fact that pure magic, miracles and the most wild manifestations happen outside my comfort zone.

It truly has been the scary things that generate the most epic results. Whether it’s
😬sharing something I’m scared to share online
😬setting a terrifying goal
😬being vulnerable 
😬believing in myself enough to claim something
😬increasing my prices
😬launching new things

You’ve got this!

So, yes, I’m feeling fear, imposter syndrome, terrified, #wannaemigrateandhide vibes on the reg (i.e. daily) but I know, I can handle this. I know my mission and my message is so much more than the BS that my subconscious mind is giving me…

Here’s how I take control of it daily…
1. Recognise it’s just my subconscious mind trying to protect me and keep me safe (that’s its’ main job by the way) 
2. Ask myself if the BS story is true (spoiler alert: it never is)
3. I bring it back to my experience. Mindset work has literally changed my life. It’s changed the lives of my clients. I’ve been practicing it since October 2018, I’ve since done qualifications, mega research and challenged it regularly to get me to this point. If that isn’t proof, I don’t know what is.
4. I connect to the potential outcome of this book. If this book changes the life of ONE HUMAN, then to me, that is a fucking success. I view every piece of content, every podcast I create, every thing I put out to the world, in this way. It suddenly brings a lot more success than you realise.
5. I take some deep breaths, do some journaling, some reflection, some gratitudes and I’m back in self belief mode! 

The tools to succeed

Having those tools up my sleeve is an absolute godsend! These feelings are normal, trust me! But being able to take control of them and get myself back to believing in me and my message has been abso-fucking-lutely crucial.

So if you feel the fear… You’re fine! You’re safe! You’ve got this! Dream big. You’re fucking amazing. I believe in you. GO SMASH IT AND DO THE THING THAT SCARES YOU!

Cheers 🥂

And keep your eyes peeled for the book, it’s out 9am UK time, live on Amazon! 

Much love, T xx

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