How to use vision boards to create your dream life

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Vision boards are wonderful tools to help you connect to and manifest whatever it is you’re working towards. They can be made in a whole plethora of ways. They are a collation  of images, words, thoughts, feelings, things & experiences that you desire. They’re more than just a ‘woo woo’ approach at trying to hit your goals…

The beautiful thing with them is that they work with your subconscious mind & how your subconscious mind actually functions. Your subconscious mind (which is responsible for your beliefs, habits, memories & emotions) LOVES pictures & feelings. It struggles to cope with complex strategies & how to’s…

Which is where vision boards come in! The aim with a vision board is to regularly connect you to what you desire. How would you feel if you already had the things on there? They have some many benefits, including keeping you connected to what you’re working towards. They also actually enable your mind to come up with the creative ideas to help you achieve that thing.

The key with them is ‘let go of the how & just allow’. I’m a control freak, so I get how hard that can be! But it is possible 😉

I look at mine every day. It really keeps me focused on the work that I do, being the best version of myself & how much I get to help my clients.

Over the years, mine have included many thing. My office, stable block, car, trip to the Maldives, hot tub, epic farm shop launch, hitting £££ goals, becoming an author, experiences I’d love to do & milestones in business.

And it’s all become true….

Here’s how I create my vision board

  • Look online for images that represent the things, experiences & goals you desire.
  • Put them in a word document.
  • Print (mine is 5 x A4 pages of paper.)
  • Look at it regularly, feel the feelings, trust the magic is coming & hold the faith.
  • Manifest the magic!!!

I also created a podcast episode all about vision boards, check out episode 13 of my podcast, Tara Talks.

Have fun with this. Think of experiences, items, words, feelings & achievements you want to manifest & go smash it!

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