How to outsource like a boss

Posted on November 29, 2021 in categories: Uncategorized

Handing over your business to someone new can be a really terrifying thing. Up until now, you’ve nurtured your baby and done everything the way you like it so for someone else to take the reins is a huge step of trust and progression.

If you don’t take the leap of faith with outsourcing your business will plateau. We are stronger in numbers and you need extra pairs of hands and eyes to make sure your business grows sustainably.

If you’re on the cusp of employing your first team member and you’re flirting with the idea to bring someone in, here are my top tips for delegating effectively.

1. Get clear on your aim

What exactly do you need help with? What exactly do you want someone to do for you? And how exactly do you want to feel? Maybe you need someone to take over your invoicing so you can focus more on your clients. Or maybe you need some help with Instagram because it’s causing you stress.

2. Trust your gut

Your most powerful intuition is inside you, use it to your advantage when hiring people. Someone give you an off vibe but you can’t work out why? Trust your gut in this situation, say thank you gracefully and move on. Your gut never lies!

3. Get clear on the practicalities

Work out exactly what tasks they will be doing, how long the job will take and how much you’re paying them. Make sure that it’s congruent to how long it would take you. For example, if it only took you an hour to complete said task it shouldn’t take someone else two hours with the exact same steps.

4. Set an intention

Make sure that everyone has the same understanding of the wider vision. It might be worthwhile to set some goals with them and schedule check-ins to make sure everything is going to plan. It’s always good to have regular touch points to make sure you’re both happy with the working relationship. This is a 2-way relationship after all!

5. Keep an eye on everything

Keep an eye on everything! Cast your eye over things, make sure you’re keeping an eye on work quality, what you’re doing, what your new team member is doing and that it all aligns to the bigger picture and mission of your brand.

6. Understand that everyone is human!

You will at this point have your own way of doing things, your own way of writing, working, liaising, communicating. Find a way that works for both of you so you can both be productive and work seamlessly. You never know they might have a more efficient way of working so keep an open mind with other people’s processes and be prepared to hear them out. 

7. Work out what your weaknesses are

f you can find someone who can nail those, you’ve struck matchmaking gold! If you’re rubbish at writing copy – find someone who isn’t. If you’re terrible at organising your diary – find someone who would love to help. It’s all about balance in business and together, you can make the magic happen!

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