How to start your journaling journey

Posted on September 21, 2021 in categories: Mindset
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Journalling is becoming increasingly popular especially with business owners but the concept to many seems overwhelming and a lot of people have expressed their desire to start but not a clue how to get started.

This blog post explains how you can use journaling and where to start on your journaling journey. 

You should incorporate journaling into your routine to help make it a habit. My favourite time to journal is in the morning when I’m thinking about the day ahead. 

1. Brain dumping

Do you ever feel like your mind is just whizzing at 100mph? So many thoughts that you’re struggling to focus on just one? Brain dumping is a great remedy for finding clarity and focus. All you have to do to brain dump is write. Get everything out on paper. All the thoughts that are going around your head to gain more visibility for them. Your notes will then give you a to-do list where you can ask yourself what needs doing, deleting and delegating. 

2. Connect to your mission

This is my personal favourite. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the daily running of our lives and business that we forget our purpose. You can use journaling to connect to your WHY. You could do this by practising gratitude to really hone down your mission and help your get laser-focused again.

3. Understand your feelings

When life throws you lemons – journal! Sometimes we let our feelings rule us, we are only human after all, but by journaling, you can help make sense of why you’re feeling the way you are. It can really help you seek a deeper understanding of yourself and why you are feeling a certain way. Journaling has even been linked with strengthening immune cells and has been proven to help come to terms with stressful events.

4. Focus on what you want (not what you don’t want)

Naturally, our subconscious minds always fixate on the negative. It’s so much easier for us to think about all the things we DON’T want as opposed to what we DO want. Use your journaling as a way to really hone in on what you DO want as what you focus on expands. 

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Happy journaling!

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