5 ways to stop letting things f*ck with your focus

Posted on September 13, 2021 in categories: Productivity
5 ways to stop letting things f*ck with your focus

Falling out of focus can happen to the best of us. You get so busy doing the legwork that you forget about the bigger picture (the bigger picture being your dreams and desires).

This blog post has my 5 top tips to get your focus harnessed again:

1. Mindset

Mindset work is the first thing that gets dropped the moment you get busy or shit hits the fan. I’ve seen it a million times. But the irony is, these are the most important times that you should engage in mindset work. You can do this easily by starting your day with practising gratitude, setting some affirmations for the day ahead and visualising how you want your day to go.

Hey you! Do NOT start your day off with scrolling on Social Media or checking your emails it’s a bad habit that needs to stop right now

2. Re-align yourself

Your alignment can get missed as you waft through your day-to-day. Who and what are you serving? Who do you identify with? Who are your type of people and who do you want to attract? Start thinking about their problems and frustrations and how you can step in to solve them. This is made easier if you niche down – something that I recommend you do! Don’t worry though, your niche can change. If you don’t niche, you’ll be trying to serve everyone and end up serve no one in the process.

3. Set some goals

What is it that you’ve really lost focus on? Try to set yourself some manageable and realistic goals around that area. It might be to make 5 connections a week or grow your social media by a certain number per month. Whatever it is, set it, get clear on it, keep your eyes on it and then take the inspired action to increase your chances of hitting it.

4. Show up consistently 

Posting once a week just won’t cut it, unfortunately. Make sure that you’re nurturing your Socials by posting consistently (I’d recommend 3 posts a week!). Remember that your growth, sales and wins are generally around 3-6 months behind the actions you take today. People need to keep seeing your content so they can continually know, like and trust you. 

5. Take time out

Give yourself some time off. If you’re constantly working, working, working it’s no wonder your focus has gone array. Take some time out to do something for YOU. Whether you need to rest or treat yourself to something, make sure you listen to your body and have a breather.

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Good luck!

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