How I went from charging £70 to £15,000 (and you can too)

Posted on June 22, 2021 in categories: Success
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When you start out in business, it can be really hard to know how to figure out pricing or how to package what you offer. You might look at what others are charging or you might Google an average hourly rate.

I’ve never done any of that.

I’ve always priced on what felt right. I’ve always been transparent with my pricing and always had my prices on my website. I literally don’t care what anyone else is charging. That’s THEIR pricing not mine.

When I first started coaching circa 2016, I would charge £70 for a power hour. 

I had no idea what to charge and I worked it out on the basis that it would take me an hour to prep, driving time there and back (as these were in person), an hour to do the session (although I always went over as was scared someone wouldn’t see the value) and then the follow up time.

The first few times I did these and received that money, I was over the moon! I was buzzing after the session, helping someone learn and understand was just incredible. It was the best feeling ever.

I would cram as much as I could into that hour, but generally focused on one social media platform per power hour. I remember doing a power hour with a client whose Facebook reach genuinely went from 300 to 30,000 in a matter of days. That was when I knew I was onto a winner…

This must work. The stats speak for themselves!

I then had people asking for sessions on multiple topics, so one client asked for training in blog writing, Facebook, Twitter and PR. That was when I realised I had outgrown a power hour and started thinking about putting my first programme together.

The first programme I offered, in 2018, was an 8 week 1:1, priced at £750, a special 50% off the launch price of £1,500. It felt like an investment I could get behind. I was told by my coach that I should be charging £10k for a longer package, but that made me feel sick. I couldn’t charge that. I’d love to, but I couldn’t get behind that number. It felt so out of alignment. Who was I to charge that out of the blue? I had only been in business a few years, and coaching for even less of those.

Since that day, my 1:1 packages have gone from £750 to £1,500 to £2,497 to £6,000 and now my top 12 month package is £15,000. It’s been a journey, a process and a period of true growth as a coach and a person. I believe in every single penny of that price point and package I now offer. I know business owners will get it back, I know it will change their life. It feels good and it feels aligned.

My clients benefit from my qualifications (Neuro-Linguistic Programming -NLP- Coach, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy Practitioner and Hypnotherapist), the £60k+ I’ve spent on coaches and personal development and the experience I’ve had in growing my companies to a point where they can take over £100,000 in a year, then in one quarter and then most recently, in one month.

Your packages and pricing can and will evolve with you. Where you’re at now isn’t your final destiny. Always charge based on what feels good to you and remember this, you will always be too expensive for some, and too cheap for others.

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