4 top tips to feel more confident in just 5 minutes

feel more confident

If you follow me on social media, you might have heard me say that success in business is down to just 20% skill and a massive 80% mindset! That is amazing if you know the tools you need to master mindset and believe in yourself… but what if you struggle with self-belief? Can you still make the most of that 80%? Would it help if you could feel more confident?

When you lack confidence (whether that’s in yourself, your business, your offering… or all 3!) you will always subconsciously block yourself. Imposter syndrome, self-doubt, rock-bottom confidence – this destructive behaviour comes in many guises, but one thing remains the same for them all. You don’t have to live with them! You can change your mental state and physiology really rather quickly, and you’re already in the right place. Here are my 4 top tips, the ones I use to get in the zone, to help you feel more confident in just 5 minutes. Let’s dive in: 

1. Put your favourite outfit/top/underwear/heels/perfume on.

I’m the biggest believer in not saving things ‘for best’ (shoes, Champagne, dresses.) Do you own a dress that you just love, and which makes you feel great? Wear it! Saving something for a special occasion implies that each day isn’t special enough to warrant it. Every day is special and beautiful. WEAR THE DRESS. DRINK THE CHAMPAGNE 🍾

feel more confident

2. Ground yourself

Sit quietly and take 3 grounding deep breaths, ensuring the out breath is longer than your in breath. Upon exhaling your third deep breath, I want you to release any tension, judgement or pressure and imagine yourself stepping into a scene where you are your MOST confident self. How are you walking, talking, dressed (see point 1!) and most importantly, FEELING? How do you truly feel inside? Sexy? Happy? Unstoppable? Connect to that feeling!

3. Do a confidence rampage for 60 seconds.

Grab your journal, an abundant pen and just free-write, remembering times when you felt confident, the things that make you feel confident, what you love about confidence. Reflect on the fact that you’re grateful to be working on your confidence and that you’re excited to be stepping into your next level, confident self. Write whatever is positive and feels good for you. The beauty of a rampage (whether used for motivation, money, confidence, gratitude, joy – literally any feeling you desire) is that it triggers the energy and raises your vibration, thus changing your state. 

4. Look in the mirror and affirm to yourself

“I am so grateful to be working my way to being more confident.” Don’t just say it, put energy and emotion behind it – that’s when the magic truly happens. I promise you this works! 

Remember, being confident isn’t about feeling better than anyone else. It’s all about you and having the belief that you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone else because you are authentically you. It’s trusting yourself to make decisions, take the plunge, say yes to your desires and create success on your terms. And it’s wonderful! Make sure you try these steps and let me know how you get on. 

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