How to create your version of Success

Posted on December 30, 2020 in categories: Success

I hear people say, time and time again, that their success was a fluke. It happened by accident. It was because of something out of their control. Sound familiar? Chances are, the vast majority of the time, its because of YOU.

The product or service YOU designed. The presence YOU had on social media. The PR campaign YOU helped create. The belief YOU had in the need for this for your ideal client.

It’s all always down to YOU.

And generally when you’re denying that, it’s due to a subconscious limiting belief. Sometimes it may be that you don’t feel you deserve success (this is a biggie), or that you’re fearful of success because it’ll lead to burnout/missing key events/being away from your family/paying a lot of taxes etc.

The good news is, you can create YOUR own vision of success! It’s really important that it is yours, as everyones is different.

Is it-

⭐ Working 10am-2pm

⭐Working 3 days a week

⭐ Working from a beach

⭐ Living the laptop lifestyle

⭐ Working flexible hours around a family

It doesn’t always have to be HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE.

For me, it’s travelling, being financially successful and stable, regular holidays, fast cars and making a MASSIVE IMPACT on the world. (Yes, I like nice things!)

Once you’ve got clear on what success looks like for you, here’s how you can attain it;

⭐ Journal on what that looks like for you – get clear on the specifics

⭐ Connect with what an ideal day looks like for you

⭐ Write out your goals every day that will take you to that vision

⭐ Create a vision board (check out episode 13 of my podcast, Tara Talks for tips on this one!)

⭐ Stay connected to the feelings of already living in that way

⭐ Show up consistently

⭐ Hold the belief that it IS possible (and a non-negotiable for you)

⭐ Prioritise self-care

⭐ Track your progress – what gets measured gets managed

Work towards that vision every day – even 5 mins a day for a year will have the biggest impact. Just know that it IS possible for you. You are made for more and you’re nowhere near your potential yet…

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